Max provides potentials both Software and computer language.
Basically, Max is for music, also for mixing sounds in real time and performance. Recently it is used for media arts, multi media, video, internet and sensor. Max was born in IRCAM, which is a laboratory/music studio in Paris, France, and now it is sold by Cycling ’74 in California. In Japan, MI7 Japan is taking its place.
MSP/DSP Summer School has been held by Masayuki Akamatsu, Masahiro Miwa and Suguru Goto in IAMAS.
Check more details about MSP/DSP Summer School :
MSPサマースクール1999 – IAMAS
DSPサマースクール2000 – IAMAS
These were great successes and got a favorable review. There is still a lot of people who are waiting for re-holding these.
Our purpose is to restore these as Summer School in GEIDAI.
Our workshop will be classified into 3 levels, beginners, intermediates, and advanced, and be carried out with a tutorial system while handiwork. Participants need to bring their own computers and so they are able to learn with examples which are prepared for this workshop beforehand.

Max Summer School In GEIDAI

Date, Time:
August 6 (mon) to 9 (thu), 2018 4days
10am to 6pm (The first day, August 6 is from 9am)

7th Hall, Senju campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
Senju 1-25-1, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0034
5mins by walk from KITANSENJU Station (JR Joban line. Tokyo metro Chiyoda line, Hibiya Line, Tobu Skytree line and Tsukuba Express)

Fixed amount of participants:

18,300 JPY

You must need:
Cycling ’74 Max and Ableton Live (Demonstration version will be satisfactory too) onto your computer.

Masahiro Miwa (A President and a Professor of IAMAS)
Suguru Goto (An Associate Professor of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Tomoko Nakai (Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Office of Senju campus
TEL:050-5525-2727 (weekday: 9am to 5pm, closed on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
E-mail: ext-ongaku@ml.geidai.ac.jp
! when you contact us, please tell us 1) Name of the participant, 2) Title of the class you want to take, 3) Ask what you want to know/modify, 4) a contact number or address of the participant.

Katsuyuki Araki: Assistant instructor
Shunsuke Nemoto: Communication
Megumu Hanayama: Design
Koharu Kashiwagi: International communication
Hiromi Watanabe: Web


Presentation of Max8 by David Zicarelli at IRCAM