Hours Course Aug.6(mon) Aug.7(tue) Aug.8(wed) Aug.9(thu)
09am to 10am Guidance *1 Registration
10am to 12pm Beginners Workshop Suguru Goto Tomoko Nakai Tomoko Nakai Tomoko Nakai
12pm to 01pm Break time
01pm to 03pm Intermediates Workshop Masahiro Miwa Masahiro Miwa Masahiro Miwa Tomoko Nakai
03pm to 04pm Break time
04pm to 06pm Advanced Workshop Suguru Goto Suguru Goto Masahiro Miwa Suguru Goto
06pm to 07pm Evening session *2


*1 Only the first day(August 6) will start from 9am
*2 Applicants can give demonstration/presentation from 6pm every lecture day.