beginners workshop

Beginners Workshop 1 (Instructor: Suguru Goto)
‘Max real beginners’ workshop’
This lecture entitles ‘Max real beginners’ workshop’ and will be given to people who never use Max. The main contents are:
1)What you can do on Max
2)Examples works of Max
3)First touch to Max
4)First programming on Max

Beginners Workshop 2 (Instructor: Tomoko Nakai)
‘The basis for people who want to learn Max programming’
・Understanding of basic object boxes and how to program on Max
・The acquisition of control systems and operating with MIDI
・Understanding the control of signals using an oscillator
・How to manage audio signals from microphones or input instruments
・Understanding of the basis of delay, and the practical uses of an effector
・The real time sampling by memory-based sampling and various ways of playing back

Beginners Workshop 3 (Instructor: Tomoko Nakai)
‘For people who have experience with Max but have difficulties with understanding the program, a step up by learning the principles’
・Understand the Additive synthesis using easy FFT objects and create your original synthesizer by re-synthesis
・Understand the sampling in memory base and audio programming, and create a real-time granular sampling
・Understand the basis of an oscillator and creating an equidistance panning

Beginners Workshop 4 (Instructor: Tomoko Nakai)
‘Learning the basis of approaching sounds and composing in different ways for people who have no musical experiences’
・Understanding the basic functions and the various types of programming tools in Max
・Understanding the Additive synthesis with using cameras based on physical motions
・Understand memory-based audio creations by integrating video into an audio