advanced workshop

Advanced Workshop 1 (Instructor: Suguru Goto)
‘About the recent version of Max and Max for Live’
We will talk about the newest functions of Max8. Details are up to the latest version. We will also try programming of Max for Live using Ableton Live and explain about Library of Max.

Advanced Workshop 2 (Instructor: Suguru Goto)
‘About Gen’
We will explain about Gen of Max, MSP and Jitter.

Advanced Workshop 3 (Instructor: Masahiro Miwa)
‘A long and straight road to Formant brothers’

We will learn about some examples of controlling artificially mixed voice by formant brothers in real time
We will let an accordion sing!

Advanced Workshop 4 (Instructor: Suguru Goto)
‘About other programming of Max’

1) The way of advanced programming
2) An example of signal processing by MSP
3) Programming of Jitter by OpenGL, GLSL
4) Examples of IRCAM (Including library explanations developed by IRCAM, like Antescofo, Spat, Gesture Follower, Gabor, Modalys and etc)