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We accept applications from email or by mail.
We will start accepting applications of participants from April 2, 2018. Each extension lectures will have different deadlines, so please check the list of all lectures, or read page 5 and 6 of our outline carefully.

◆ Apply online(from April 2, 2018
Application form
We will send a notice on your application to your E-mail address(You don’t need a stamp).
! You need an email address which you can receive a data file.

◆ Apply by mail(from April 2, 2018
Please fill out an application form which is in the end of our outline. Put the application form and a return envelope (with your address, name and a stamp of 82 JPY) inside of another envelope, and send to the address below
Address: General affairs section/public relations office of Tokyo University of the Arts, 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8714 !Apply for a extension lecture!

Download an application form from Here
>> Application form for the extension lectures in Geidai in 2018 (PDF)

1, It is not allowed for another person to take lectures in place of the applied participate.

2, Your applications will be denied in these cases :
1) Make overlapped applications for one title.
2) Apply for another title, but lecture days are overlapped and you write BOTH as your FIRST choice. (It is possible to apply each for your FIRST and SECOND choice. For details, see next clause 3)
3) Apply outside of the specified period for application.
4) Let us not to be able to contact you because of making errors/omissions in your phone number, mail address or etc.

3, If you want to apply for some titles:
1) If each title you want to participate is NOT overlapped – You need 1 filled application form per 1 title, a return envelope (with your address, name and a stamp of 82 JPY) and send them to us.(You can use a copied form.)
2) If each title you want to participate is overlapped – You need to decide your FIRST and SECOND choice and write down it, then you can apply.

! If applications are MORE than the fixed amount number, we will draw lots after the application periods. (The lottery doesn’t matter if you apply earlier or later.)
If you lose it and apply for SECOND choice, and if the title has a vacancy, you can take the SECOND title. If it is full, you cannot participate.
We will let you know whether you can participate or not, and the result of the lottery through advance notice.

! If applications are LESS than the smallest number, we will not hold the lecture. We will let you know after the application periods.