intermediate workshop

Intermediate Workshop 1 (Instructor: Masahiro Miwa)
‘Algorithmic Composition Ⅰ’
Intermediates course by Masahiro Miwa provides a lecture introducing the concept of Algorithmic Composition with some examples.
We will compose using random numbers, program “17-equal temperament”.

Intermediate Workshop 2 (Instructor: Masahiro Miwa)
‘Algorithmic Composition Ⅱ’
We will do Matarisama together.

Intermediate Workshop 3 (Instructor: Masahiro Miwa)
‘Algorithmic Composition Ⅲ’
We will compose using Daikyozan

Intermediate Workshop 4 (Instructor: Tomoko Nakai)
‘The intermediate part for people who want to try an interactive system with sounds ‘
・The creation of a system that combines picture processing (jitter, CV) and audio programming reciprocally
・The creation of a system that uses information of some convenient sensor like camera and smartphone
・The creation of a system through a network protocol(Open Sound Control)
・The understanding of object group specialized in using some data and how to store data